How long to fill a Gilbarco 80 gallon tank?

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by Tom
(Winnsboro SC )

Gilbarco "Green Diamond" air compressor
Gilbarco “Green Diamond” air compressor

How long should a 80 gallon tank compressor take to fully charge

I have an old Gilbarco compressor with an 80 gallon tank and a 12hp motor.

It runs beautifully and charges but seems not to hold a charge. I can cut the air supply off just outside of the tank and it will hold pressure indefinitely.

My question is how can I determine if the pump is recharging at a rate that if sufficient to keep up with demand?

If it is I need to look for a leak somewhere in the supply lines from the tank. It currently takes the pump approximately 15 minutes to charge a tank from 0 to 175 lbs.
Tom, I have no personal experience with a venerable old Gilbarco air compressor such as yours likely is.

Yet, I think that a 12 HP motor running a pump to fill an 80 gallon tank should take what – 5-8 minutes at most? Anyone with actual stats for fill time for Tom?

While the lengthy fill time may be attributable to a leak, I suspect it more likely is a valve, gasket or seal problem inside the pump.

As to “my question is how can I determine if the pump is recharging at a rate that if sufficient to keep up with demand?” a 12HP motor should allow that compressor to deliver about 48 CFM of compressed air at 90 PSI into the tank. If your air tools are using more than this, pressure in the tank will decay as long as you are using more air than the compressor can generate, whether it is running perfectly or has some seal or valve issues.

I have no idea where you could find parts for this compressor should you need them. I hope someone with a Gilbarco air compressor can comment here for us both.

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Ok I also have a dinosaur gilbarco compressor that I bought from a local shop owner for $250 bucks. He claimed that he had no idea what was wrong with it however he was sure it was a simple fix. So I took it home and hooked it up to find out it did actually run , but no matter how long it ran, it was only capable of pumping up to 50 lbs. pressure. After I took a better look I found a cracked pressure line right near the head. this line I think is some type of pressure… Read more »

A steal. You soldered the crack in original tube. And that would be the intercooler between the two stages. Makes it last longer.