How I Fixed My
       Own Compressor Manifold

The contributor, Gabe from Michigan, was kind enough to provide the following information to us to share all about how I fixed my own compressor manifold!.

The content of this page talks about the problem he had with his UST regulator, which was part of the manifold on his model of air compressor, and like many, was unable to find parts either from the original equipment manufacturer or from after market sources.

The fix begins with Gabe explaining the problem. "I have an UST 1125C compressor and i need a new air manifold with pressure regulator . Anybody know here i can find one ? Any answer will be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Compressor works fine except for the broken regulator and major air leak." and he included this broken regulator photo with this request.

broken regulator on compressor manifold

Gabe begins the disassembly process using a bench vise and various hand tools.

broken regulator on compressor manifold

The compressor manifold has been disassembled, the new regulator has been acquired, and after this, it will be time to put the manifold back together.

broken regulator on compressor manifold

The manifold has now been fully reassembled in this next image.

broken regulator on compressor manifold

Time to reinstall the manifold back on the air compressor, seen here:

broken regulator on compressor manifold

The reports indicate save for a small leak on the manifold all works well, and his compressor is back in business.

For more information about compressor manifolds, you might want to visit the Sitemap page on this site here. Just scroll down to the fittings section, and others, that contain links to pages about fixing and finding compressor manifolds.

Moderator comment: Gabe saw the page and sent in this further information.

"Hello again Bill, Thanks for doing that . I like the way it looks. I don't know if you want to add that the regulator was bought at Harbor Freight for about $6 if anybody is wandering where i got it from. I'm sure there are better regulators out there but i was in a pinch and needed my compressor running quick so i didn't have the time to look for better parts. But as of today it still works great and still have the same regulator on it. Small leak and all just runs great. I just turn off the regulator after use so the tank doesn't go empty . No problems otherwise. Thanks."