How do I replace the regulator on my PC1010.

by bruce
(water mill ny)

Regulator on PC1010 compressor

Regulator on PC1010 compressor

Regulator on PC1010 compressor
PC1010 regulator assembly

How do I replace the regulator on my PC1010. The knob hits the tank and won't allow me to tighten it.

I took the old one off and perhaps I unknowingly unscrewed the four screws on the old regulator, the plate and spring fell off so the result was the regulator actually came off easy .

The new one is one complete unit and the knob hits the tank. I can't tighten it.

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Jan 07, 2016
by: Doug in


Remove the quick coupler.

Rotate the entire pressure switch and regulator off the tank.

Separate the switch and regulator.

Reassemble in reverse order.

That's probably how they put it together.

Jan 07, 2016
Not quite
by: Bill

I've updated a new photo, Bruce.

After pulling the plug and dumping ALL the air from the tank, remove the plug (item 1)

Remove the entire assembly (item 2) and reinstall it in the port where item 1 was.

Place the plug from item 1 in the port where the assembly item 2 was.

Or, as you cleverly point out, you could remove the "brass piece" which is known as the PRV. Put the assembly into that port, and now it will be sticking out to the side of the compressor, and put the PRV in the port where item 2 was.

Make sense?

Jan 06, 2016
i'll try
by: bruce

Thanks Bill .. I think I got it. I wish I could send a pic pointing to which plug you are referring to. I could not figure out how to post it but here goes.

Are you suggesting I remove the brass piece directly to left of the regulator and replace it with the dark plug that sits directly above the pressure switch. then use that to plug in the hole that the brass piece left? sounds genius

Jan 06, 2016
Replacing regulator on PC1010
by: Bill

Ouch! That's a tight fit for a regulator, for sure.

If they had simply used a union between the pressure switch base and the regulator, removing and replacing the regulator would have been easy. But that may have added a buck or so to the cost, so no way!

It were my compressor I'd remove the plug at the top of the pressure switch base, install the nipple, regulator and discharge coupling there... yes, straight up, and use the plug to close the hole where they were installed formerly.

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