How do I get the water out?

by William

have a Sanborn (SMC) air compressor. sn 104A200-22. It does not have a bleeder valve. How do I get the water out?

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Sep 16, 2017
Drain water out of tank without bleed off valve
by: Anonymous

On any compressor you can't find a bleeder on pancake tanks are the worst for this.

Simply with air in it turn it so the air exits the bottom have a hose on it and attach a blow gun.

Now let out the pressure until all the water is out, do this often to bleed the water out of the unit, or the tank will rust out. Tanks often cost more then a new unit. Never try and patch a tank.

Simple problem, simple fix. Put the hose at the lowest point so water flows downhill and out.

If you have an 60 gallon tank or larger get some help. They can get heavy, A good idea is take air out of the bottom of the tank and up to a separator, that way water is never in the tank. Also put some oil in it once and awhile so it won't rust out. Use pneumatic tool oils for this.

Apr 19, 2017
Magna Force photo
by: Bill

Nope. Didn't work for me.

If you can do it, please copy the picture, start a new thread, upload the photo and in the text say it's for this posting.

I cannot find any info on this compressor.

Apr 19, 2017
Sanborn Magna Force 2HP Portable Air Compressor pictures
by: carlos

Hi all!! I think this is the one you are looking for. Also how can i get the manual for this compressor?
to go to picture go to google and type: magna force air compressor. next go to images and in the second row will be the picture of this compressor. Hope it helps!!

Jul 27, 2015
Sanborn (SMC) air compressor bleeder
by: Bill

Hi William...

I cannot find any images of your air compressor on line.

Please start a new thread, then you can upload four images of your compressor (top, bottom, side and side) and we'll have a look.

Otherwise, we'll have to hope that another owner of the same Sanborn (SMC) air compressor will post a response.


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