How can we reduce idle time on a GA 45+?

we have a GA 45+, of the total run time, 10% is loaded and 90% is unloaded,

its costing us a fortune in electricity for the idle time.

is there a way to reduce the idle time or eliminate it altogether?

or do we have to switch to a reciprocating compressor to eliminate idle time?

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Jan 29, 2016
The password is....
by: Mike

The password to activate auto-restart after power failure is 4735.

Jan 14, 2016
by: Carl

To have the auto restart activated you need a password.

Atlas try not to give them out because you can change some settings that can be bad for your compressor and air system.

However, which controller do you have? Electronikon I or II?

Jan 13, 2016
by: Doug in

Then combining whatever the atlas is running with one or another of your other compressors is probably your best bet.

Depending on your other requirements, you can then either sell it or maybe use it as a back-up.

For that matter, you might even use the atlas as a backup to some of your other machines, if it's currently working properly.

A lot depends on how critical down-time is for your shop.

Maybe let us know what you decide, please.

Jan 13, 2016
idle electricity usage
by: Anonymous

we can plumb in another compressor and shut this one off,
thats probably the best option,
reciprocating compressors dont idle, and we can use a much smaller one, since most of the fixtures are no longer being used,

Jan 11, 2016
idle time
by: Doug in

Given you have multiple machines, I take it that it is impractical to plumb this system into one of the other compressors?

Jan 11, 2016
Usage of GA 45
by: Anonymous

Its definitely over sized, for this application, there are lots of fixtures that are no longer hooked up.

It draws 45 amps idling and 80 amps loaded.

We no longer use Atlas compressors due to warranty issues (they tried to bill us for repairs they made during the first 12 months)
and after discovering many parts on ours marked "made in china".

(the oil cooler split open and upon removing it I could see made in china stamped on it in a location where its not visible while the cooler is in the compressor)

There are several units that I still have to keep running.

We also have a GA-18 that we need to have automatically restart after a power failure, this feature is available in the control panel, but Atlas refuses to tell us how to activate that feature.

Dec 15, 2015
by: Carl

Judging by what youve said about 90% and 10% usage , clearly your compressor is very much oversized for your operation, if youre not intending on expanding then the best advice I can give is to sell the compressor and buy a smaller one.

You say you would think of getting a recip (piston) compressor? It depends on what operation youre running really.

To reduce the percentage of run and idle times i suppose you could adjust the pressure differential slightly im guessing it is quite wide at the moment? Try reducing it, for example, if you are running it to 8 bar and it doesnt cut back it until it goes down to 6 bar (2 bar differential) adjust it to 7 or 7.5 bar cut in pressure. It would stop it idling as much and prevent the motor starting and stopping as much.

There is also an idling time setting on the elektronicon controllers. But as i say your compressor is too big so i'd downgrade it for the long term solution

Dec 14, 2015
idle time
by: Doug in

This is an engineering problem, where your compressor is vastly over sized for your application. (Perhaps there was an expansion planned that never happened?)

Anyway: are you certain you're wasting all that much power? No doubt there's a loss while it's idling, but nowhere near the 60HP motor rating.

You can certainly look into a reciprocating compressor, or possibly an outboard controller on a timer to shut it down after some period of time, perhaps with an over-ride to keep it on if demand requires it.

Not knowing where you are or what kind of operation you have, that's about all I or anyone else can say.

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