How can I make it quieter.

by Ignacio travieso
(Miami Dade, Florida )

I have a very nice and new monster of an air compressor but the issue is when the Unloader valve goes of it’s a bit loud and the fact that goes off every 25 minutes not helpful. I leave in the city so unfortunately my neighbor wife & kids complains that it scare them so during the day I use it but at night I turn it off. So long story short I need to quiet it down or get rid of my beauty. I had the County inspector showed up so how can you help. Thank you Iggy.

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Oct 11, 2018
Quieter unloader valve
by: Bill

Not knowing the make or model of your compressor, nor you including a photo of the problem area, I can't even guess as to how it can be made quieter.

If you are handy, and want to do some creative plumbing and wiring, you can move the pressure switch to an insulated box with a muffled exhaust outlet... maybe, but again, not sure as I have no idea what compressor you have.

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