Hose Reel Forum

It has been a while since I had a comressed air hose reel available for my use. A hose reel may or may not be part of your workshop equipment either, yet they certainly are a part of many industrial compressed air using facilities. If you are working with air tools a lot, or as in the case of the lube shops, using an air-powered lube pump, a compressed air hose reel can make the workplace more efficient and safer to be in.

While some air hose reels are excellent, doing the job for which they were built year after year, with no problems or no issues, other hose reels never work right from the first time they've been taken out of the box. Some hose reels are just junk! Buyer beware!

Got a good hose reel, or maybe you have one that isn't so good? Let other compressed air users know via this forum, if you would. It will help us all.

And just in case you landed right here on this page, here is the information page about air hose reels on this site.

Thanks for any information you can share,