Hooking Up HFT's Compressor Drainer Kit (#68244)

by John E. Howard

Good morning. I've got a HFT Compressor Drainer Kit (Model #68244).

The instructions state: "Locate the pressure switch on the compressor. The line from the pressure switch the fitting on the tank is the 'Pressure Switch Unloader Line' The unloader line needs to be cut approximately half way between the pressure switch and the fitting on the tank."

The instructions are very poor.

Thanks for your help.

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May 02, 2016
Hooking Up Compressor Drain Kit #68244
by: Bill

Well John, you need to be able to identify the line they refer to in the manual.

You don't indicate the model of compressor you have so I can't check the images or schematics to point it out to you.

I do suggest you read the pages on this site about the tank check valve and the unloader valve, which is typically located on the pressure switch, and even the page about pressure switches so you are confident you know how these all work together.

That, and once you have identified the line in question, you do need to install it in that line and, based on some of the video feeds on this topic I've seen, you will need more fittings than came with the kit.

It doesn't make sense to type in step-by-step directions when, if you Google install compressor drainer kit Model #68244 as I just did, you will find a number of videos that provide details.

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