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Field experience, along with lots of information obtained from a variety of new sources, such as compressor and compressed air component manufacturers, will help this site deliver information that you will need to better understand all facets of compressed air usage.

If it's your goal, will provide as much information as we can to help you select the right type of air compressor for you, whether for DIY home use, or for the industrial plant.

If you are a home-workshop compressor user, whether buying your first air compressor, or wanting to better understand how to use the one you have got, consider acquiring The Home Compressor, an eBook all about selecting and using a home compressor.

Here's information about certain types of air compressors. There is much more info about all kinds of air compressors on this website.

Perhaps your interest lies with air brush compressors.

If your compressed air application (air tools etc.) will be negatively affected by water in the air lines, and almost every single application is, here is information on why you have water problems, in the compressed air from your compressor and.

Here is information about remedying the water problem created by compressing air

How might an auto drain solve some problems and save some maintenance cost in your plant, for example?

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