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Questions about home compressor use arrive daily through the various forum pages on this website. This convinced me there was a real need for a non-complex and complete, book to make understanding and using the home compressor easy.

So I wrote one. This eBook It is written for the person seeking to buy a home compressor for the first time, or those folks that have one now, and want help in dealing with some of the issues of owning these versatile and useful tools.

Here's a screenshot of just some of the contents of this eBook.

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I wrote The Home Compressor eBook to help you understand and use your compressor more easily, and to help you troubleshoot if you have an air compressor problem.

This very useful eBook is yours for $8.88, which includes my iron clad guarantee shown a little farther along on this page.

"I just wanted to relay sincere thanks for your super-duper eBook which I purchased yesterday. Thanks to it & you, I finally understand my air compressor & used it to build a cedar-lined closet to boot!"


The Home Compressor eBook answers questions and provides details about air hose, compressed air fittings including couplers and connectors.

With this eBook you can find out how the house or workshop power supply affects your compressor performance. Understand how air tools connect up, why it rains in your compressor tank, why some air tools won't run properly, about troubleshooting your air compressor and a whole lot more.

When you have read it, I guarantee you will know more about buying - if you are looking for a new compressor - and using the home air compressor, than almost any of your neighbors and friends.

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Buy, read it, be guided by it, and if you aren't happy I'll refund your money up to 90 days after you download it. Simple as that.

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