Holman Rotair 13 Screw Compressor Stop Actuator Faulty

by john

I have just bought this Rotair 13 diesel screw comp and its in great shape and ran fine until today.

First off does anyone know the cfm of this unit?It has a Ford Dorset 4 cyl 90hp 4ltr diesel engine and a screw comp pump. It has 2x chicago connectors and on the end it has a huge 2-3inch pipe connection optional output which i presume could be for connecting some form of large output? Where as at present it has had a small standard quick connect valve for connecting standard air tools that you would see on standard shop compressors?

Besides this the problem that's just arisen is that there is a small diameter control pipe coming out of the side of the screw pump and up to an air actuator, this actuator can stop the engine when it extends under pressure to shut down the engine by operating the stop lever on the injector pump.

Well it seems that a few secs after starting the engine this actuator seems to be gingerly extending, as if it isn't quite getting suffice pressure to operate itself properly as i can hold it back with my hand, no problems to prevent it stopping the engine.

I can only presume that its supposed to be some form of emergency stop actuator so i worried that i may have a problem with excessive pressure buildup in the screw pump for some reason?

At present to keep her running I've unscrewed this actuator so it cant stop the motor and she seems to be running sweet without it.

But I'm worried it may have developed a problem that I've bypassed my one warning here?

Can anyone advise pls?

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