Hitachi Air Compressors

Hitachi air compressors are imported into the United States from Japan by Hitachi Koki U.S.A., Ltd.and are sold throughout the U.S. and Canada by the same retail establishments that sell the Hitachi lines of air tools and accessories - outlets like Lowes, Home Depot, and the Canadian Tire chain.

Clearance of outdated and other models of Hitachi air compressors can be found on Amazon and other online outlets as well.

If you are looking for information, support or parts for your Hitachi air compressor the logical place to start is:

Hitachi Koki USA Ltd.
3950 Steve Reynolds Boulevard
Norcross , GA , 30093 , United States

Hitachi air compressors

Additionally, this page is a forum for users of Hitachi air compressors. Do read the posts below the form as often the answer to your Hitachi compressor problem may already be there. The compressor troubleshooting pages on this site often can provide a solution to cross-brand air compressors as well.

Please feel free to use this forum to share your experiences with Hitachi compressors. Got a tip or help for another Hitachi air compressor user? Please use the comment feature to add your thoughts to any existing post.

Hitachi Air Compressor User Manuals

Here is a selection of Hitachi air compressor user manuals you are free to download. Just click the link of the Hitachi manual you need to download it to your computer. Don't forget to save the Hitachi manual so you have it for future use. If you have a digital version of a Hitachi manual that is not listed here, why not lcontribute it for others to use?



Hitachi Air Compressor Issues

Having an issue with your Hitachi Air compressor?

Here are other visitor's issues with Hitachi Air Compressors

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ec89 compressor problem 
My ec89 compressor will not shut off. I believe it is the air presure valve/switch. I am very disappointed, as I have not used it that much ( prob less …

EC2510E will not reach shut down pressure 
Gas air compressor will not reach shut down pressure. I have a new Hitachi pump on a gas compressor. Will slowly build pressure up to 90 to 100 psi. Then …

Hitachi cold start valve will not close 
I have a Hitachi compressor. the cold start valve will not close when compressor starts, it keeps blowing air. I replaced parts from the piston to the …

Hitachi compressor doesn't build pressure above 50 psi. 
Hitachi gas air compressor EC2510E. Used everyday, built pressure to 80-90 psi. Replaced unloader valve and adjusted from 110-150 psi. Worked fine …

Help wiring EC12 for Europe's 230-240volt power source. 
I moved to Europe from USA. I want to wire my EC12 air compressor for use on Europe's 230-240volt power source. What must I do to make this happen? …

Hitachi EC12 sometimes won't start 
ec12 fills to 125, stops but bleeds off to start pressure but wont fire up. This can happen at different times, works great other times. I think it is …

hitachi koki ec 89 will only pump to 110 psi 
compressor runs but will only pump to 110 psi, inlet is clear, check valve appears intact thus it never reaches shut off pressure. compressor is not that …

Hitachi Model EC 10SB(SL) compressor air recovery problem 
The compressor struggles to build low end pressure. Once it builds to around 100 lbs it builds steadily to shut off at 150 psi. Presents a problem …

Hitachi EC-89 oil cap pops off 
I have a Hitachi EC-89 at 120 psi the oil cap pops off.

Hitachi EC2510E will not build pressure to max 
Hitachi EC2510E gas powered won't build pressure to max. whats wrong? I have installed a new air compressor - problem started with original compressor. …

Hitachi air compressor trips circuit breaker 
Hitachi air compressor (EC89) will build 50 psi and trip breaker on unit. let it cool for a couple of minutes and reset it, then it will build another …

after running hitachi gas air compressor won't start 
after running hitachi gas air compressor for 30 minutes now it won't start __________________ There is so much information not hear in this post, it's …

hitachi compressor runs until PRV blows 
I have a Hitachi 2HP/4 Gallon twin tank compressor. It builds pressure. My problem is it keeps running until it blows the PRV valve. The pressure drops …

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