High temperature to 110 and shut down

by Waleed

Atlas Copco controller

Atlas Copco controller

My compressor going to 105 and up ..then make an emergency shutdown...

What can I do or tell me which components I should change ...

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Dec 12, 2017
by: Anonymous

Change your thermostat. And it fixed my problem.

Oct 13, 2017
high temperature to 110 and shut down
by: patricio

press menu button and check paremeter temperature limit. you can change other limit to shut down.

example: limit max 110 Cº you can change to limit max: 120cº

Dec 16, 2016
by: Carl

Most compressors are programmed to shutdown at 110 degrees Celcius.
Check your oil level
Clean your cooler
Is your ventilation in your compressor room ok? Make sure it's not too hot in there, open doors, install an extractor fan.
If fitted, is your cooling fan turning? Has it tripped?
Is the thermo-valve opening? (Keep your eye on the temperature from cold, it should creep up to around 80-90 degrees, then slowly drop down to around 75-80 when the thermo-valve opens, and your cooler should then start to feel hot to the touch)
Check all the things above, there isn't a great deal more that you can check other than getting it serviced
Hope that helps


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