Help with old air compressor

by John
(Omaha, NE, USA)

"The Ottawa Pump"

Good Morning,

I picked up this old air compressor about a year ago on Craigslist. the brass tag on the front of the machine says "The Ottawa Pump" from the Ottawa MFG Co. in Ottawa Kansas. I can only find different numbers on the pump, and the letters "EE". I would love to find a manual for it.

I changed the oil, and it has ran great for this long. I recently blew out the pvc on/off valve (scheduled 80).

I noticed a lot of oil in the line so I started draining the tank. A LOT of oil came out of the tank. This had me thinking "maybe I over filled it with oil"? The is no dipstick or sight glass, so I filled it up till it came out of the hole.

I am sure that I must have over filled it after researching the net for a bit, but how much oil should there be in there?

I would like to keep this thing forever. Its so quiet and smooth sounding. but the oil in the line has me a little concerned. It is somewhat user error, I do not have any line filters from the tank.

Any help, suggestions or ideas will be great appreciated.

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