Help with flee (flea?) market compressor

by Davorin Ruševljan
(Zagreb, Croatia)

Sheave on flea market acquired compressor

Sheave on flea market acquired compressor

Sheave on flea market acquired compressor
Pump view on flea market acquired air compressor
Flea market acquired air compressor

Hello I could not resist and bought this pump on the flee market.

It is 2 stage pump. The flywheel is 400 mm diameter and it takes one A belt.

Two pipes bent in circle act as inter stage cooler (they are placed so that flywheel blows on them.

What seems strange is that oil carter is not one piece, but two bolted together (it gives me uneasy feeling).

Well any info on possible type or manufacturer would be helpful, so that I can find out what kind of motor do I need to connect to it, and how fast it should spin. Also to source spare parts if and when needed.

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Oct 19, 2015
Model number 4804
by: Davorin Ruševljan

And thanks to the help on, the model number seems to be 4804:

Oct 18, 2015
Thank you!
by: Anonymous

I have 3kW motor, so I would probably use it at 800 rpm. I hope I will not need parts, but since I am close to Italy, maybe it would be easier to find them if needed.

Thank you!

Oct 18, 2015
CompAir Ceccato
by: Roger

It's a Ceccato.

I'm not sure which model, but it looks like it's the 5hp version, the 10hp version has three intercooler tubes.

All of these style of Ceccatos used a single belt, even up to 10hp.

These pumps run fairly quickly, around 1100rpm.

The case is vertically split, as you have seen. It makes assembly and disassembly difficult, but there is no reason to fear, it is a reliable design. Having to dismantle the whole pump to change an oil seal is just a bad design though.

I don't think Ceccato makes parts for this pump anymore. There may be new parts in stock somewhere, but you will have to track them down by yourself, as I have no idea who might still stock them. Ceccato was a CompAir brand when these were made, so you might get lucky talking to a shop that used to sell them. They were made in Italy.

If the pump needs new reed valves, sometimes you can make new ones from heavy feeler gauges.

Oil seals are standard off the shelf metric sizes.

Rings can often be cross referenced from other machines. I once used rings from an Alfa Romeo v-8 to fix a pump like this one.

Oct 16, 2015
flea market
by: Doug in

OK, I thought that's what you meant - it's called a sump. I wanted to be sure you didn't mean a pressure lubrication system.

With a single belt, it probably needs no more that 2KW to run.

Most compressors I've seen run somewhere around 400 to 1500 rpm, and hardly any run much above 1000rpm.

So, 2kw and 800 rpm would likely work, although that might be overkill.

Maybe you can measure the torque to turn the pump and work back from there at 800rpm to get power required.

I hope someone will ID this thing for you, but I have no idea. Sorry.

Oct 16, 2015
oil carter and bad English
by: Davorin Ruševljan

Sorry for my bad English (flee), spell checker can only help to a degree :)

By oil carter I mean the bottom part of the pump which houses crankshaft, and oil resides in it. Any other pump I have seen has this part casted in one piece, and this seems to be made from two parts that are bolted together. I wonder how are crankshaft bearings seated then. But maybe I am not seeing it correctly.

Anyway, I am mostly interested to find out how large motor I need, and how fast should I spin the pump.

Getting to know manufacturer/model would be nice if I would need to source some parts.


Oct 15, 2015
oil carter
by: Doug in

Not sure what you mean by "oil carter"?

(one might flee the flea market if the cops are after them.)

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