Help with automatic inline oiler

by Stephen Andersen
(Cedar Rapids, IA USA)

i have a 75 gal compressor 175 PSI tank pressure with auto drain , a pre filter, a powered dryer, and a another filter after that.

The plumbing is 3/8 pipe.

I just installed a new pressure regulator and a new in line oil/ fogger after its reduced to a 1/4 25' air hose that's 25 feet from the oil/fogger to the air tool.

I mainly use an air wrench to work on all 4 of my machines I was wonder what the drip rate per min would need to be to reach the air too and be enough to lubricate the line is dedicated to the air tools it runs at 90 PSI and i believe 5 scfm. is there any way you might be able to help.

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Feb 26, 2016
Lube oil travel
by: Bill

The travel distance is predicated on the drop size, the volume of air flowing, and the distance to the use. Oil flow is hampered by elbows, for example.

The suggestion for an oiler, as is noted on the page I referred you to, is to place it as close to the tool as possible, or, use an in-line oiler located just before the air tool inlet.

With your setup, in time, the oil will reach the air tool, but it may be in a periodic flood as the oil from the lubricator can pool in the long air line, until it blocks the air flow, and then a slug of oil gets blown into the tool.

You want steady, ongoing lube, not a glut periodically.

Feb 26, 2016
In line oiler update
by: Anonymous

Well my oiler is set at 1 drop ever 15 to 20 sec.

I was just wondering if the oil will reach the tool with the 20 to 25 feet air line tube i need?

I might be able to short to 18 ft just need to know how far the oil travels?

Feb 24, 2016
Help with inline oiler
by: Bill

Sure. I've moved your question to the forum which is all about compressed air lubrication and in line oilers.

You might also read the pages on this site that tell you all about them, including how to adjust them.

See the link lubricators in the left column, the sitemap page, or one of the many search boxes.

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