Help with a Le ROI 125 RDE ?

by Joel

Le ROI 125 RDE

Le ROI 125 RDE

Mid seventies maybe? Serial number 2023X254 with J D 4219 engine.

I need to learn as much as I can about the air end and what kind of oil it needs. I got the oil filter for it but not a new air/oil separator kit. I believe it is a rotary scroll type.

I have the books for it, but they don't say what oil to use.

The information plate on the machine says: LeROI 125 RDE SS number 2023X254 towed compressor. Info plate on machine says: non detergent, turbine or hydraulic oil, solvent refined, containing rust and oxidation inhibitors and anti foam additives. viscosity of 150-160 saybolt at 100F.

I would like to change the compressor oil since I don't know the last time the P O changed it. Thanks, Joel

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Jan 30, 2017
by: Roger

Put some good AW32 hydraulic oil in it and call it good. ATF was widely used in rotary screws, but it has had a lot of its anti-foam properties changed over the years and tends to not coalesce in the separator as well as it used to. It was cheap, easily sourced and kept everything clean inside, but it was often rough on seals.

I would put in a new separator just as cheap insurance, but you can test run it to see if you have any oil carryover issues. If you do change the separator, do NOT remove any staples you may find through the top gasket, as it serves to ground the separator to the vessel, preventing sparks inside the separator tanks which can (WILL) lead to a fire or explosion.

Jan 29, 2017
oil for Le ROI 125 RDE
by: Doug in

Actually, they do say, It's just not a specific product.

Compair may be able to help with a specific product.

What color is whatever is in it? If it's red, probably ATF - and you can use more of that.

If it's pretty much colorless, it's probably ISO32, which is roughly SAE 10 wt (straight, NOT multi-viscosity).

Google my comment title for more info than you really want(G).

Good luck.

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