Help with 6hp - 2hp Craftsman vertical wiring

by Kendel Surette
(Spring Hills, FL)

Ok. Help with 30 Gal. 150 psi 6hp - 2hp vertical wiring & parts.

My compressor was free. The guy who brought it buy and laid it down.

The plastic cover broke badly. It worked great til I moved to a new house. Turned it on and the fan broke apart.

Next it kept tripping the house circuit breaker. I opened it up today and I'm new to air compressors.

The round switch that mounts on the back of the electric motor behind the black cover has a orange wire broken off now. The cover sit the caps n breaker was loose and I pulled the wires of the cap wit the red n brown and not good at wiring diagrams in symbols.


What's the switch that round wit the orange wire going into it. Can I solder wire to the post?

What fan part number is it?

How do u hook up the caps. I looked and looked for a picture. I should have taken one. I guess the compressor sounding like it's dieing n starts fine now n then could be one of the caps or the orange wire was loose b4 I jiggled the the back cover when I took the protective 6hp 150 psi cover off.

And documents on just the motor out there?

Thank you.

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Apr 04, 2016
What motor?
by: Doug in

Is there a plate or stamped number on it?

Often there's wiring info under the wiring plate, too.

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