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by Dustin

Recently i changed the oil and all filters in our compressor, The next day it shut down with the code low line pressure on the the info screen.

Today i started the compressor and got code low separator DP.

I shut the compressor down then restarted and have not had any issues yet today with the unit.

Low separator DP has shown up in the past from time to time.

Any input on fixing the issues?


by: Doug in s.d.ca

DP could be the setting is too tight, or you may have a blown separator, or the oil pressure is too low to begin with.


by: Carl

Ok, just to clear it up, DP means differential pressure, so the differential pressure is the pressure difference between the separator tank and the delivery pressure, if its too high, then it means there is a blockage (sep change required)

If its too low then it could be split (sep change required) what i cant figure out is, normally if the sep is split then it throws oil down the line, has this happened??

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