Help Reset Oil Change Hours Compair Leroi CL30SS

by David Y


I just serviced my Leroi Compair Cl30ss, and am having a hard time resetting it to turn off the
service light.

I changed out the oil and filter and followed the service manual to do a reset but the service light will not clear. Any help is appreciated.

I will post the steps I took to resetting the compressor that were not successful. The display read -531 oil
To set the service timers in the CompAirTroller (CAT) the service menu must be accessed. To access the menu and set times, proceed as follows.

When the compressor is stopped, the service menu is accessed by holding in both “UP”↑ and “Down”↓ arrow keys simultaneously for ten (10) seconds. When all LED’s flash, push “UP” ↑ arrow key until “18” shows in display, then push “STOP” key until display stops flashing. Display will alternate between timer and hours remaining, until service is required.

To set hours push “UP” ↑ or “DOWN”↓ key until desired hours are shown on display, then push “STOP” button to set. After desired values are displayed, push “RESET” to exit menu. After the timers have been reset the “RESET” button must be pressed a second time to clear the preexisting warning. Menu will be canceled after 60 seconds if no key activity is performed.

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Mar 08, 2016
by: Carl

Which controller is on the compressor? If Delcos then which one? If any other then which one?

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