Help rehabbing Speedaire Z203

by Gionni
(Los Anngeles)

Rehabbing Speedaire Z203

Rehabbing Speedaire Z203

Rehabbing Speedaire Z203
Speedaire Z203 compressor
Speedaire Z203
Speedaire Z203 motor plate

Im rehabbing my dad's old air compressor. It has been in use for 50-60 years I bet... maybe more. The auto shut off switch is not working. I took the switch (pictured) apart and the rubber membrane is cracked and I cant figure out for the life of me how to re-assemble it. I would just like to replace the switch. I found a note inside the auto shut off that default factory settings are 55-80lbs. The note says it can handle 110 max so is it ok to put 110 in this thing? I would like to try a 90-110 switch instead. Is that safe? tank seems dry and has no rust. what could go wrong can this thing explode?

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Jan 05, 2017
by: Doug in

Hmm. Usually, there's a leading number - as in 2z203, but maybe this predates that convention.

Anyway, is that a prv near the tank end of the discharge tube? What's it rated?

There should be something stamped on the tank as to the pressure it can take, but this thing may predate that as well. And anyway, that's only good for five years, I think.

I'd get an adjustable pressure switch and start with what's on the note.

And yes, it could explode, but usually they get pinhole leaks before they can explode and the pinholes become "relief valves" that don't close...

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