Help rebuilding Sanborn model 64A100-22 pressure switch assembly

by Joe

Hello, not to long ago I took apart several pieces of my air compressor to put thread seal tape on in order to stop several leaks. In the process I took off the pressure switch to stop a leak just below the diaphragm , well when I got done unscrewing the bottom of the pressure switch and lifted it off the diaphragm and regulator, several pieces inside the switch just fell out and I can't figure out how to put the pressure switch back together again. The pressure switch worked just fine. the pieces that fell out are next to the contacts. I believe when the pressure in the tank rises it eventually push up the diaphragm and presses against these parts which raises the contacts thus shutting off the compressor

Can you please help me figure out how to put the switch back together again.
thank you, Joe

PS: I can upload some pictures if need be
I share your pain, Joe. I simply replaced the switch, some options of which are below.

Anyone out there actually been able to rebuild an air compressor pressure switch?


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