Heavy sweating in the airpipe line in GX 11 FF

by Arun raj

Hello all . I own a GX 11FF model screw compressor . During summer when the machine continuously runs for about 10 hours (day time ) , the temperature of the compressor remains 45 - 50 degree Celsius / 100 degree Fahrenheit. Hence during the use of air gun in the pipe line , heavy discharge of water occurs

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Apr 05, 2017
Sweating in the airpipe line in GX 11 FF solved
by: Anonymous

Thanks all ! The problem has been solved .
The dryer unit keeps on tripping , because the refrigerant gas R134A has been over filled . hence the dryer pressure when checked showed Around 60-70 psi . Now the the gas has been filled exactly 500gms . Now the dryer works without tripping off .
Pressure dew point earlier was 40 degrees Celsius and 110 Fahrenheit
Now it remains at 10-12 degree Celsius and 20 degree Fahrenheit .

Apr 04, 2017
by: Carl

No problem Bill, always happy to help from the other side of the pond!!! :-D

Apr 04, 2017
GX 11 FF dryer
by: Bill

Hey Carl, thanks again for sharing your expertise!

Apr 04, 2017
by: Carl

The "FF" stands for Full Feature which means It has a dryer, as you look at the compressor, the dryer is on the left.

It sounds like it's not working, there should be a little reset button in there, press it and it should start again.

Failing that, make sure the fan turns, check inside the electrical panel and make sure there isn't a trip switch that's tripped, also there are 2 grey filters in the dryer, they could be saturated, get them replaced, but make sure you have drained all air before undoing the filter bowls.

After you have checked all that, post on here your findings.


Apr 03, 2017
Water in air lines of GX 11 FF
by: Bill

Please have a look at the several pages on this website that explain how water gets into the compressed air and what you can do about it.

Upon completion, if you have a question, please add it as a comment here.

Thanks, Arun.

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