Having trouble finding parts for a Wards 75-6228

by Dan Fischer
(Uvalde Texas)

Yes I have a Riverside Wards Single Stage/ two cylinder air compressor, model no 75-6228 not sure how old it is but it was in operation that I know of around 35 years in a light duty home shop.

The unit was working though the time it took to fill a 20 gallon tank has increased significantly, and it appears that the Reed valves have worn out.

I pulled the cylinders last night and both reed valves are showing signs of wear. moving the pump and covering the piston with my hand gives suction and compression on both cylinders, there was a very small amount of oil sitting on the top of one piston.

I guess my question(s) would be can a rebuild kit be purchased for this, and is it even cost effective to rebuild.

As this was dad's there is some sentimental attachment, however there are other tools to remember him by.

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Mar 08, 2018
MW Pump info
by: Bill

Thanks much for the update!

Mar 08, 2018
MW Pump Info
by: Eamon

A late "bump", but for present-day readers looking for this information I found piston rings (both sealing and oilers) for the 75-series pump at a store that specializes in pneumatic nail guns and the small job site pancake and twin-cylinder tank compressors used to provide the air for the guns.

Unfortunately I made this discovery two years ago and cannot recall what brand of pump uses these specific rings. The store does carry a lot of the Rol-Aire brand compressors. I know that I took the MW rings with me when I visited the store and a kind, patient service tech was good enough to do some poking through their stock.


Jul 16, 2016
Thank you
by: Dan

Thanks Doug, that was actually my first thought, I was looking at all available options though.

Jul 13, 2016
by: Doug in s.d.ca

There are comments on this site about people making their own. You can find them using the search box or maybe the site map.

Good luck.

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