Have to unplug compressor to turn it off.

The only way I can get my compressor to stop is to unplug it.

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Apr 11, 2015
compressor won't turn off
by: jch

WL510004aj I think

The control box has
1) on/off switch (also red/green)
2) Two gauges, outlet pressure and tank pressure
3) a knob between the gauges to regulate pressure

I walk into the shop and it is sitting on the floor

I plug it up and it IMMEDIATELY starts running. I don't have to touch the switch.

I can set the tank gauge at 40 and it seems to hold there (maybe by exhausting??)........but the compressor doesn't NOT turn off. Not in the time I have let it run.

When I am through I can push the switch to OFF and the compressor IMMEDIATELY SHUTS OFF.

Good so far..............

When I release the switch it moves back to ON and restarts.

Over and over until I unplug it.

(I guess you don't have to be a mechanical wizard to suspect something is wrong with the switch.

Apr 09, 2015
on /off switch seems to have no effect
by: Bill

Is the On/Off switch part of your pressure switch, or separate.

If part of the pressure switch, that confirms that your pressure switch is failing to my mind.

If it is a separate switch, then it may have failed closed, meaning that power flows through it regardless of position.

Apr 08, 2015
follow up
by: Anonymous

Well it seems to build up pressure well

However, when I am through working, the on /off switch seems to have no effect.

When I plug it up, the compressor starts

I flip it to off and it keeps running.
I hold it on OFF for five seconds and when I release it, it is still running.

If I want it to stop, I have to unplug it.

(I'll be honest, haven't ween what it will do if I set the pressure low and just let it build up)

Apr 08, 2015
Cut out pressure for hj300100
by: Bill

The Lowes store listing for this compressor suggests that it has a 200 PSI cut out.

I was not able to see the manual to check.

If the pressure consistently exceeds the normal cut out, then it's likely the pressure switch that has failed.

Apr 08, 2015
Cut out pressure settings
by: Anonymous

what is cut out pressure settings on a Campbell Hausfeld Model

hj300100? Also if pressure exceeds high cut out setting what is probable cause?

Apr 02, 2015
Won't stop
by: Bill

Are you saying that the compressor keeps building pressure until the PRV lets go?

Or, are you saying that the compressor tank pressure never reaches the normal cut out pressure so the compressor stops on it's own.

Please provide more information, including the model number, as a comment here.



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