Hard plumbing a Kobalt 137603

by Mike Furtney
(Azle, TX)

Kobalt 137603 air compressor

Kobalt 137603 air compressor

Plan to add pipe system from the side bushing to remote hose reel and not sure about adequate size for the installation.

I have a Kobalt 137603 air compressor which has two hose connectors on the control panel.

The compressor specs follow: 80 gl, 14.0 scfm @ 90 psi, 16.1 scfm @ 40 psi, 155 max psi.

The bushing on the side is 2" NPT x 3/8" NPT and is plugged.

I want to install a pipe system from the side bushing to a remote hose reel that is located 25 feet away.

Is the side bushing large enough and what size pipe do you recommend?

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Feb 06, 2016
by: Bill

No such thing as a too large line.

It were my compressor I'd plumb a 1" line from the tank to the hose reel just to make sure lots of flow gets to the smaller line.

Problem with getting a 1" line is you are limited as to supply.

I don't use black pipe. Copper works but is expensive, as it aluminum.

I'd go with the biggest ID hose I could find, and I suspect that would be a 1/2".

Feb 06, 2016
Hard Plumbing a Kobalt 137603
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the reply Bill.

The picture you included is correct. The hose reel is attached to a 50' 3/8" hose. I plan to operate auto body tools, sanders, grinders, etc..

Feb 06, 2016
Kobalt 137603 plumbing
by: Bill

I've added an image of what I believe to be your model of Kobalt compressor. Is it right?

I see the 2" plugged port on the side.

What you don't say in your post is what it is you are planning on running with the compressed air, or the size of the hose reel hose.

Lots of info on this site to answer your question. Use the sitemap or search box to find pages relating to flow, distance etc. It's already all here.

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