harbor freight air compressor 4 hp 10 gal 90234 leaking air

by giz

When I plug in my harbor freight air compressor which is a harbor freight air compressor 4 hp 10 gal model number 90234 it is leaking a huge amount of air from the tank drain valve and I am unable to close it off. Do I need to replace the part?

Elizabeth, sometimes the tank drains turn opposite to what would normally be the direction to close them.

If you try to turn the drain in both directions, and you are unable to close the drain, then yes, I would surmise it's time for a new one.



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Jul 02, 2014
a new part
by: giz

So all I need is a new tank drain valve? The funny thing that the part looks ok but there is a hole in the middle and that is where the air is leaking out. When I turn it clockwise it goes in and gets snug but still leaks air through the tiny hole in the part, if I turn it counterclockwise it loosens and falls off. So I dont think it is the direction i turn. It is as if that hole were plugged before somehow.

You are very generous to help us strangers out -- thank you.
I suspect that you've got some debris in the tank drain, and even though you close it all the way, the debris is preventing the drain from sealing closed, and you get a continuous leak.

I've included a link below for a tank drain that I would use if I needed one. It's a significantly better design than those that come with most compressor tanks.

Good luck.


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