hansa htc 20a compressor leaks oil from air intake, doesn't cut out

by karl

hansa htc 20a air compressor (Photo: www.harder-airbrush.eu)

hansa htc 20a air compressor (Photo: www.harder-airbrush.eu)


i was looking on your site but could quite find my problem. i have a hansa htc 20a compressor. its a silent oiled compressor.

The compressor reaches the desired pressure but the engine never seems to cut out, but the pressure doenst rise above the set value either.

What it does do is leak oil from the rubber seal around the tank containing the engine and it leaks oil from the air intake. it seems to release pressure from the air intake.

i've refitted the rubber seal numerous times but to no avail.

Karl, I would say that you have more than one problem with your Hansa HTC 20A air compressor.

If air and oil is coming out of the intake, then that suggests that the intake valve is compromised, and is reacting to pressure buildup in the system to where it "lets go" at a certain pressure, and bleeds air.

That could answer why the compressor runs and runs but does not shut off. You may think that the pressure is getting to the pressure switch cut out point, but it is not.

The oil that is coming out of the intake is bleeding out with the air. There should not be oil there. That suggests to me that the compressor piston seals are worn to the point that oil in the sump is wicking by those seals in sufficient quantity to leak out the air intake.

You have a pretty sick air compressor.

You can talk to the factory about support and spare parts:




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Jan 19, 2013
unit replaced
by: Anonymous

I returned the unit to the shop. They presume that its the "pressure cut-off switch". They gave me a brand new unit. So problem is solved :)
Good stuff. Sometimes air compressors can be "lemons" too.


Jan 17, 2013
Cause of damage
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the quick response,

The unit is only 4 months old and I use it no more than an hour a week. I did acidentally 'tip / tilt (30 degrees or so)' the unit just after I'd bought it more no more than a few seconds. The unit was off and the pressure gage was 0.0 bar when I did this. Could this be the cause of the damage?
I would think that if the tilt was short lived, and you were not running the compressor when it tilted, and you let it sit for some time before starting it, that this was not the problem.

If it is 4 months old it should be under warranty, and I would seek assistance from the vendor.


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