Had a bearing go bad d75 6476 xer, 3 h.p.

by Doug
(Kingsport, Tn.)

I had a bearing go bad on the 3 h.p. motor on wards air compressor serial no. 09030-786207, mod. d75 6467 xer, 3hp, 230 volts. I can not find any data on the motor. I took the end caps off the motor and begin removing the bearings. Some parts came off the motor when i was cleaning and washing them and i don't knon where and how they go. I am pretty sure the parts go in the end caps. Here is what i have and don't have.

1. A plain washer/spacer for one end cap. It fits into the end cap where the bearing is located. It fits nicely there. I think it is to keep the outer race of the bearing away from the aluminum housing. I had a note that said i had one for each cap but i can only find one.

2. I have a wave washer. I don't know where it goes. It also fits nicely in the end cap. I think it may be used to keep constant pressure on shaft and bearings in the end caps to take the end play out of the shaft. That is just a guess.

My questions are these?

1. Does the plain washer/spacer go in the end cap and which end cap? If it goes in the end cap, which one and does it go first?

2. Should i have another plain washer and one goes in each end cap?

3. Where does the wave washer go? Does it go in the end cap with the washer and if so does it go first or second? If it doesn't go there where does it go? Would it go in one end of the motor end cap and the plain washer to in the other end of the end cap. If so which goes were, shaft extension end or other end. I hate to junk this entire motor and compressor because of my ignorance. Can anyone help.

4. Also there is a sheet metal end plate that goes just inside the outer diameter of the shaft extension end cap. The long bolts run the holes in it. The only difference in the front and back is some indentations in the sheet metal. Does it make a difference which way it goes? Help!!!thanks

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Mar 30, 2017
by: Doug in s.d.ca.

Lucky you found another one.

Here's hoping it stays working -

Let us know if any problems later, please.


Mar 30, 2017
Finished Job
by: Anonymous

My motor is back together and running, for now.

I removed the end caps from another compressor motor to see how it was put together. To my surprise there two wave washers back to back on the pulley end of the motor. The opposite end had a sealed housing over the bearing so I didn't try to go into it.

At this point I was ready to try anything. I put the plain spacer washer under the bearing on the pulley end and the wave washer under the bearing on the opposite end. It worked for now. Thanks for all comments.

Mar 17, 2017
by: Doug in s.d.ca.


Your best bet is probably to take it to a motor shop and see if they know.


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