Had 230 Vlt A/C running - Turned on 230 Vlt Compressor (same circuit) both quit

by Bob Herzog
(Sun Lakes, AZ)

Like the big dummy I am, I was working in the garage with the 230 volt window unit going full blast 25000 BTU (live in AZ), and needed to use the the 230 volt compressor, which is on the same circuit as the A/C (I forgot). I fired up the compressor an voila - poof! both quit.

Fried the power cord (protective relay) in the A/C unit $145.00.

The Compressor is a HUSKY VT631403AJ (AGMO3) PUMP VT470000AV. I reset the circuit breakers in the Elec. panel box and pushed the reset button on the compressor motor. Turned the switch to run, and -------- NOTHING! Not a click, beep, poop, whiz, pop, nothing, nada.

Being the electrical genius that I am, I pulled out the remaining 3 hairs left in my head, and came looking for your help. I'm hoping I just fried a start capacitor, but not knowing elec. from my butt, I don't know how to test it. And, I'm only guessing anyway.

Any help to get me pointed in the right direction will be most appreciated.


Bob H.

(Pretty much all that you've asked has already been answered many times on this site, Bob. Please review the troubleshooting pages, and read the existing posts for details. - Moderator)

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Aug 12, 2016
by: Doug in s.d.ca

Are both units on plugs, or hardwired?

If plugs, and assuming the A/C is working, you might want to check if the comp works in the A/C outlet. You might have fried wiring in the other outlet.

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