Gilbert & Barker

by Ryan

Gilbert & Barker air compressor

Gilbert & Barker air compressor

Gilbert & Barker air compressor
Gilbert & Barker info plate
Gilbert & Barker pump view 1
Gilbert & Barker pump view 2

What kind of pump is on this Gilbert & Barker?

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Dec 02, 2017
Gilbert & Barker Air Compressor CPVB112-1A
by: Fred

Hi Guys, I'm a french taker and I needed part for Gilbert & Barker Air Compressor CPVB112-1A, it's possible to get them or I must put pump to basket ?

( Thanks for your comment, though it seems to be about a different compressor or problem than the original post. Please start a new post here:

and we will try to get you some answers you can see about fixing your specific compressor problem. Thanks. - Moderator )

May 06, 2017
Overhaul Kit compressor CPV3E811L needed
by: Solutecsa

Hello, please help, overhaul kit parts, compressor model CPV3E811L, please contact ....(email address removed. If you have information as to where to get these parts, please post it here as a comment so all have the information - Moderator)

Piston, bearing, valves,Ring set, suction valves , and discharge valves.


Nov 26, 2016
Is it a Brunner?
by: Ryan

Yes I found that info already. I was hoping to find out pump make. One source says it's a Brunner. Can anyone confirm?

Nov 26, 2016
Gilbert and Barker?
by: Bill

See : , for more info.

Nov 25, 2016
Gilbert & Barker
by: Doug in


They make fuel pumps these days (Gilbarco).

But back when they made stuff for fuel stations, including compressors (think full-service "gas station").

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