Getting 80 psi with dials set at 40 psi on Craftsman 106.174540

by R L

I have been searching the internet, but cannot find a manual for my second hand Craftsman Air Compressor, Model 106.174540, 1 HP motor, so I hope you can answer my question.

The label on the tank says it is rated for 100 psi, but all the dial indicators (2) are set for 40 psi.

1) Can I use the compressor to fill my truck tires to 80 psi, even though the dials are set to 40 psi?

2) Can I reset the dial indicators to 80 psi?

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Sep 09, 2014
by: Bill

RL, one of your "indicators", which for sake of clarity, I'll call the tank pressure gauge, shows the pressure in the compressor tank. You don't "reset" it. It displays whatever the pressure is inside the tank, and changes as that pressure changes.

The other gauge is for the air regulator. It shows the pressure that you have dialed in using the regulator knob, and this is the pressure that flows out of the discharge coupler, down the air lines, to your air tools.

You set this pressure by turning the knob. If you try to turn the regulator pressure up to 80 PSI for example, and you only have 40 PSI in the tank, than the regulator gauge will only go up to the pressure that is available from the tank, in this case, 40 PSI.

If your air compressor only gets up to 40 PSI, you have something wrong with it, and I refer you to the troubleshooting page "why air compressors run but don't build pressure" to find some answers.


Sep 08, 2014
by: Doug in

While you're at it, check that number again.

Sep 08, 2014
by: Mike P in Vages

Is this a case of simply - the "tank" itself is rated to a capacity of 100 psi, but the system components (hoses, fittings, regulator, filters, etc) are rated only for 40 psi?

In other words, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. If the compressor itself, and/or it's downstream components aren't able to handle more than 40 psi, it doesn't really matter what the "tank" has for its rating.

I know this isn't a direct "answer", but sometimes simply clarifying the condition goes a long way to finding a solution.

Sep 08, 2014
Getting 80 psi with dials set at 40 psi
by: R L

Call them what you want, gauges or dial indicators, there are two of them. One gauge appears to be on the line coming from the pump. The other gauge is on the air line coming out of the tank.

Can I reset the dials (gauges) to read 80 psi, since the tank says it is a 100 psi tank?

Sep 08, 2014
dial indicators are set for 40 psi.
by: Bill

Like yourself RL, I cannot find any specific info on your compressor.

My other issue is I don't know what you mean by dial indicators?

This is an instance where a photo would sure help.

Please see the gauges page and the regulators page and then add a comment telling me if the dial indicators you refer to are, in fact, the tank gauge and the regulator gauge.

Or, start a new question and then you can upload photos of what you are speaking of, so we both know.


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