Get Speedaire 2Z499A to turn over

by Connor
(Charlotte, North Carolina)

Hello Compressor Experts, Can I get a Speedaire 2Z499A to turn over by sending pressurized air back through it?

I am a high school student and have an idea for my engineering project. I want to build a go kart using an air motor.

To test this theory I picked up an old (but working) Speedaire 2Z499A off of Ebay.

I am going to be straight up and say I have no idea what I'm doing other than I need to watch my pressure so that I don't damage the motor.

I also have a good concept of how motors and what not work but this one is baffling me. Any help or wisdom is greatly appreciated on this one



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Oct 17, 2016
Get Speedaire 2Z499A to turn over
by: Doug in

If you have looked at the design of the pump, you can see it's dependent on where it is when air pressure is applied. Just like a bike - you need the pedal in the right place to get started.

You can mark the place and put it there and it should start, but you may still have to give it a little push.

Yes, a scuba tank or maybe more available, a soft drink dispenser pressure tank.

Oct 16, 2016
Response to 2Z499A
by: Anonymous

Interesting idea...we are using a high pressure scuba tank for the car but we are using a small one for proof of concept. Does the motor need to be turned over to get going or should pushing air into it work immediately?

Oct 14, 2016
Speedaire 2Z499A as an air motor - second thought
by: Doug in

Thinking it over some more...

It might work without the divertor - so you might try that first.

Another thing that may work is to take the air from the first cylinder exhaust and feed it into the intake of the second.

Finally, I presume you intend to use a high pressure gas tank with a regulator for power - you'll probably run out of gas quickly with anything less. (that's for the car - you can do proof-of-concept with smaller low pressure sources.)

Oct 14, 2016
Speedaire 2Z499A as an air motor
by: Doug in

This would be fairly easy had you gotten a vane compressor.

As it is, you'll need to figure out a way to put air in the intake ports, only on the intake cycle of each cylinder. So some kind of air divertor valve connected to the drive shaft would work for that.

I think you'll have better luck making your air motor from a small gas or diesel engine that has valves operated by a cam.

Good luck Connor, could be a fun project.

P.S. Take a look at how piston steam engines work - that will give you some food for thought, I think.

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