Generator for 33 gallon Husky compressor?

by Craig

How big a generator do I need to run my 33 gallon 1.5 hp compressor

My 6800 watt generator won't seem to run my compressor. Ran it fine a couple times then it started bogging. Brought the compressor home and plugged it in to the wall and it runs fine.

I need it at the desert. It is an older generator and am thinking of buying a new one with a designated 120 20 amp twist lock and using a pig tail on that circuit.

Not sure how many startup amps I need. Thank you!

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Jan 20, 2016
depends on the generator
by: Doug in

If your 6800W generator puts out a proper sine wave, it should be plenty big enough. But from the sound of it, it may have injured itself running the compressor.

I'd suggest you get something like a "kill-a-watt" or clamp-on ammeter, and see what it's drawing when on wall power, and then compare that to what's happening with the generator, including voltage.

If the voltage from the gen drops below say 110V, it could be a bad connection internal to the generator, since it seemed up to the job previously.

Good luck.

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