Gas Station air regulator parts Gilbarco

by Dennis Vandenberg
(RR2 Hagersville Ont Canada)

Hello I have a Gilbarco air regulator Model AM31-1 Serial number R8-13 it is Gilbarco Ontario Canada looking for parts to restore this is the model found at service stations to fill tires. Any help would be appreciated. thanks Dennis

Dennis, I have been unable to find any information about your specific Gilbarco compressed air regulator.

However, unless there is something peculiar about this model, I suspect that you may be further ahead replacing it with a non OEM regulator than trying to find parts for a name-brand regulator that is quite old.

Please read the regulator pages on this site to get a complete understanding of how air regulators work, and how you can replace on with an non-OEM brand with no problem.



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