Air Tank Gallons To Cubic Feet

How to convert gallons to cubic feet. Oh my, it never ceases to amaze me why manufacturers do things that they do.

Take compressed air tanks also knownas compressor receivers, for example.

How come these devices are sized in U.S. gallons, when really, what people need to know is how many cubic feet of air the darn things hold?

Here's how you figure out gallons to cubic feet, then.

Gallons To Cubic Feet

This is what I have found. In his white paper #5 entitled Air Receivers, Thomas Kreher offers the following.

He writes "Receivers, tanks, reservoirs are used to store a volume of compressed air. The sizes of these receivers are often rated in gallons. To readily convert from gallons to cubic feet:

Divide the number of gallons of the tank size by 7.48
(7.48 gallons = 1 cubic foot)

It's as easy as that, folks. And thank you, Thomas Kreher, for this information.