GA55 VSD getting hot

by Chris Crain
(Waco tx)

We just received a used unit from another plant

GA55VSD (2010) running the compressor above 50% load and the unit gets hot and shuts down, lowering the load lowers the temp.

Full of coolant ( green when off) oil level in the red when it's running.

Cooler is clean, but do not feel a lot of draw on the bottom of the cooler, but the fan motor is running and moving air.

Correct rotation.

All three oil lines are hot and there is a 27 degree difference between the in and out hose on the cooler.

I am new to Copco and have checked all I know to check.

Any help would be great Thanks

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Aug 30, 2016
by: Carl

When you say correct rotation, have you checked the rotation of the actual fan? The rotation of the main motor is separate to the fan and could be running in the wrong direction, failing that check all the oil line are not blocked. Have it serviced, the oil filter could be blocked. From cold, keep your eye on the temperature, does it go up, then drop down again? If not then have the thermo valve replaced.
Hope this helps


Aug 30, 2016
by: Doug in

Do you have maintenance records?

Does it have the right oil.

How was it moved? (possible twisted out of alignment)

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