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by Ruona

My GA55 air compressor shuts down on high element outlet temperature within minutes of start.

What can i do?

Atlas Copco GA55 VSD air compressor
Atlas Copco GA55 VSD air compressor


What can you do?
by: Doug in s.d.ca

What have you done?

Is your separator clean?

Scavenger tube position properly?

Oil cooler clear and clean?

Oil level OK?


GA 55 advice
by: Mike

check the 2 easy things: is oil cooler clean? is oil level low?

if those 2 are fine it is likely caused by a faulty thermostat valve

when the unit trips on high temp feel the hose fittings going into and out of oil cooler, if the outlet fitting is ambient temp your thermostat valve has failed

it’s a 5 minute job to replace