GA 90 element outlet temperature warning

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by james
(akron, ohio)

I have a Atlas Copco GA 90. element outlet temperature is coming on. The temperature reading at the display will be at around 82 degrees and then spike and jump to 210 degrees and then the element outlet temperature comes on.

Atlas Copco GA90 air compressor
Atlas Copco GA90 air compressor


Hi temp
by: Doug in

Can you tell if it’s actually going up that much? Over what period of time?

If it’s truly a jump (like a couple of seconds), then I’d suspect the sensor itself or wiring from it to the controller.


GA 90 advice
by: Mike

if the unit is tripping on high temp immediately after starting the problem is your oil stop valve sticking (very common on GA90, 15 minutes to replace)

If it takes a few minutes to overheat it is caused by a faulty thermostat valve.

I make the assumption that op has checked the obvious: low oil level, plugged oil cooler?

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how much oil Capacity does GA90 Air cooled consume. ( in litters )

What is the cause of GA90 VSD high temperature

High temp where? New install of used machine?
Cleaned the filters? Fan running right direction?