GA 11 10 no oil flow when loaded

by Pieter Uys
(Kano, Nigeria)

Our Atlas Copco GA1110 have the problem when loaded the oil stops flowing through the oil stop valve, it is open, into the rotor casing and then it will overheat as no cooling takes place.

when i run it in the unloaded state it does not have the problem and can run for long with normal oil cooling taking place.

I have checked the minimum pressure valve and it is good, the oil stop valve is definitely open.

the oil thermostat is working and the oil is flowing through the cooling radiator without problem.

I can run it in the automatic loading when i close the outlet valve because it will load for about 3 seconds then unload at 6 bars and run unloaded for a few minutes, then load again for a few seconds and so forth. during the unloading cycle it cools the compressor and during the loading cycle the oil flow stop.

Would appreciate some assistance.

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Dec 16, 2014
oil blocked?
by: Doug in

Well, are you sure it's blocked, as opposed to the sump going low enough that there isn't enough oil to pump?

In other words, are sure the thing is filled properly, and with the correct fluid?

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