Foreign material in Central Pneumatic tank?

by Eric
(Columbia, Maryland)

I have a 3 gal 1/3hp Central Pneumatic oil less pancake compressor. 1st one died in 1 month, store replaced it without a problem. This one is brand new. It sounds like there is grit or tiny pebbles in the tank when you shake or tilt it. Do they put a drying agent in there, or is it just rust or defective? I hate to go back to the store again if it won't be a problem. Thanks, Eric

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Oct 27, 2017
Rattles like a ball bearing
by: DiyGuy

That's because the ball bearing on the connecting rod let loose! Same problem with mine, sounded like a ball bearing bouncing a round and I ignored it, too late!!!

Feb 02, 2015
by: Eric

That's what I'll do. Thanks for the insight.

Jan 28, 2015
Central Pneumatic noisy tank
by: Bill

Well, you know these are not the most expensive air compressors in the world? In order to remain cheap they must farm out the manufacture of everything on the compressor, and since much of, if not all of, it comes from China, there are always concerns about Q.C.

No, I don't believe they put a drying agent in the tank.

My guess is that you have welding debris in there but I cannot be sure as I cannot see what is making the noise when you shake the tank.

I suspect, but cannot be sure, that the debris will not negatively affect the air compressor tank life... but if it were me, I'd take it back and ask them for one that works, and for a compressor that doesn't sound like a maraca when you wiggle the tank.


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