Fixed! - 3.7hp 60 gallon Kobalt bogging down at 60 PSI!

I just wanted to add this because it seems like I see a lot of people having the same issue,

My compressor would run fine up to about 90 psi and then sound like it was struggling to keep going. Then a week later, it struggled at 80.. then 70, then 60 etc.

The belt felt tight and still looked like new so I did every other step I could think of- changed oil, air filter, checked capacitors, drained tank, checked unloader, check valve...

I took the belt off to turn things by hand and also to hear the motor run with no load. Everything seemed to be working fine! When I put the belt back on I decided to just try making it a little tighter this time (I should note, the season had recently changed and the temp in the garage changed along with it so this may have been a factor). Tightened it up and PROBLEM SOLVED.

I wish I had started with that! Thanks for running this site; needless to say I've learned a lot about maintaining my compressor in the last few days!

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