Finding a leak for lines that have been run underground and through walls

I have no idea what brand of air compressor my dad has or the size, but I do know I could crawl into the tank if it had a hatch.

We have a leak somewhere in our air lines. This compressor feeds to our pump house, our shop (and all of its bays), and to our house. The lines go underground and through walls and we just cannot find the leak.

I was wondering if you had a nifty trick for finding the leak(s) without cutting the lines and adding valves to every spot it forks out from and just cutting pressure to each line individually which would only tell us what we can no longer supply air to.

I was hoping for some kind of smoke trick so we could see where the leaks were since we can follow the smoke through our attics and such.

Please let me know of any way to find the underground leaks and leaks in the walls! Thank you.

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Jan 18, 2015
Finding a leak
by: Bill

Very interesting question. I'm throwing this open to everyone for ideas.

You might want to use your browser and search for "ultra sonic air leak detectors". Reach out to the manufacturers and see if they can confirm that their equipment can "hear" through walls and such to pinpoint a leak. I know this equipment will pick up a leak even if there is a high level of ambient noise, so maybe, in a quiet shop environment, it can "spot" a leak in walls too.

Other than that, let's hope others have suggestions.

Good luck with this. And if you care to, an update as a comment here after you figure this out will sure help others with the same problem.


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