by Herb Frye
(Hopewell Township, PA)

I bought a used compressor that I want to use for some painting and also run air tools.

It does not have any kind of filters.

I looked at a filter that was dual for removing water dirt etc. but also added oil for air tools. I don’t want oil in my paint.

Do I need separate filters and a separate lubricator? Do I need to use separate air hoses etc.?



Compressed air lubricator

Compressed air lubricator from Speedaire

Hello Herb. Thanks for visiting.

I take it that some of your tools want lubrication, but you don’t want that lubrication to go to the paint sprayer. Is that correct?

If so, plumb the discharge line from your compressor into a manifold with at least two outlets.

Take one feed from the manifold through a general purpose air filter to your air tools. This will remove free water and any particulate matter. If you wish lubrication, add a lubricator after the filter.

Take another feed to your spray paint equipment. Upstream from the spray gun, install a coalescent air filter to remove any transient oil that’s coming from the air compressor and then a general purpose air filter to remove free water and help stop fish eyes.

If water is a real problem you might consider an in-line compressed air drier next, and then plug that into your air tool lubricator, which should be installed right before your air tool.

Hope this helps.



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