Filter for tank drain discharge

by Bill B

Drain discharge is a mess wherever I send it. Does anyone make a filter that catches the crud and lets the air blow out clean?

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Apr 07, 2018
Compressed air tank crud
by: Bill

Plumb the drain line with a 3/8" poly tube, long enough so that you can push the drain line through a small hole in the lid of a plastic pail. This will allow condensate and crud to drain into the bucket.

Make sure the lid has a number of small holes to allow enough air to escape as the auto drain cycles.

If you have "crud" exiting the pail with the exhaust air through the holes in the lid, lay a furnace type filter over the holes to allow air out quickly, but the media will catch particulates. A furnace filter can be cut to size, is cheap, and easily replaced.

If the condensate is as much of a problem as you indicate, that's what I would do.

Good luck and let us know how you resolved the issue if you would.

Apr 06, 2018
filter for compressor tank
by: Doug in

You mean to keep crud out of the tank, or to catch it from the tank?

Either way, if there's much of it, you're gonna spend more time than it's worth to clean or replace said filter.

Depending on what you have, you might try cleaning the tank, especially if it's second hand, and wasn't drained regularly.

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