Filter at outlet of compressor

ive been told that putting the filter right at the outlet of the compressor isnt going to do much for trapping water because the air is still warm. for me thats the only place to out it because im running a roofing nail gun and a filter up on the roof wouldnt be practical.

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Jan 30, 2015
filter (water separator) at compressor
by: Doug in

I think you'll find that unless your compressor is running a lot (due to a small tank), most of the water will condense in the tank before it is used.

Nail guns don't use that much air, so unless you are running several guns that should not be a problem.

I find that mostly the only time I see water in mine is when it starts up from zero pressure.

Be sure any filter can take whatever the pressure is at the tank.

Jan 30, 2015
Compressed air filter location
by: Bill

It's typical for a compressed air filter to be installed at the discharge for the tank because free water in the tank - particularly if it's not drained regularly - can be entrained in the air leaving the tank, and the filter right there catches free water.

It's true, as the air moves down the air lines, it cools. As it cools, water vapor becomes free water. Therefore, it's also common place to have a compressed air filter at the location where the air is going to be used, to catch any water that's condensed out between the last filter and the point of use.

In terms of air tools, if water getting to the nailer is becoming a problem, install an in-line water trap or desiccant dryer just before the air tool to deal with that.

See the pages on this site about compressor generated water for a complete explanation of the options in drying compressed air.


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