Error code on 22 Gal Kobalt compressor

Error code on 22 Gal Kobalt compressor - won't start

After pushing the start button on my compressor the display reads "Err" and nothing else happens. The compressor rotates by hand easily. Any ideas?

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Jun 29, 2015
Kobalt Digital Manifold Assembly
by: Bill

Well, having had a look at the compressor, I suspect what you are getting in the error message is that your digital manifold assembly has failed.

I can't see "under the hood" of this compressor, so I cannot see how easy it would be. However, if this were my compressor, and since I can find no source for a replacement, I would remove the entire digital assembly, add a standard regulator ($15-$20) and a "normal" pressure switch ($30-$60).

Before I did that, however, I would trace the power supply, bypass the digital portion to get power directly to the motor circuit, and in so doing, ensure that the motor starts and the pump runs. If it does, it may be worth the changeout.

You might want to try and contact Powermate too, since it's suggested that this model is made for Lowes by them, though the digital assembly appears to be obsoleted by all suppliers.

Jun 28, 2015
by: Anonymous

The model number is 215914.

Jun 28, 2015
Kobalt error code
by: Bill

Cannot do much checking without the model number, however, I suspect this compressor is digital, and obviously, the electronics have a problem.

Don't much like these "digital" type small air compressors, if yours is one of them.

The "old fashioned" pressure switch and air regulator are really all that's needed to control pressure and output.

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