Enough air to blow out water lines?

by Curtis
(Spokane, WA USA)

I need to winterize a double wide moble home. I need to blow out the water pipes. I won't have power for my compressor. Can I do it with a compressed air tank? I have 7 gal air tank that rated for 150 psi.

I have a regulator and plan on setting it to about 50 psi.

Will I have enough air to do the job. If not what size tank should I use?


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Sep 19, 2014
Water lines
by: Bill

The information about what's needed compressed air wise to blow out lines, weather water lines for mobile homes or sprinkler systems for watering lawns, is covered on this site.

See the Blowing Out Sprinklers link under compressor issues near the bottom of the left navigation bar, and have a read.

If, after reading the info, and the amount of air needed for your lines, if you have more questions, add a comment here.


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