Emglo/Jenny Compressor Pump KU any info?

by Bill
(so. ca.)

Emglo/Jenny Compressor Pump KU

Emglo/Jenny Compressor Pump KU

Emglo/Jenny Compressor Pump KU
Emglo/Jenny Compressor Pump KU
Emglo/Jenny Compressor Pump KU
Emglo/Jenny Compressor Pump KU

This Emglo pump is mounted on my new very old Rol-air w/8hp kohler and wondering how to find the cfm's rating? I can't tell what year it is and would like to know but searching found nothing, this was a barn find I was told. Thx , Bill

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Jun 15, 2017
Thanks CGFlyer
by: Bill

That makes it much easier than doing all the math. I haven't had time to get on it but I needed over 12cfm total for a project. I found a truck mounted type air comp. with high cfm, large tank plus a 14ish HP gas motor so wont need 2 compressors running to get the needed cfm.
thanks, Bill

Jun 14, 2017
Emglo/Jenny KU pump displacement.
by: CGFlyer

The KU pump is one of the most durable pumps made. the CFM rating for the pump at 500 rpm is 8.5 at 125 PSI. This is why it is a favorite among contractor. If the oil is changed on a regular basis (39 wt ND or synthetic equivalent) it will last many, many years. This is a pump that is easy to rebuild as well.

I sold many of these, in various versions. 5 HP Honda or Wisconsin Robin (Subaru) as well as the 1.5 HP electric, in severe service running 40 to 60 hours a week, we recommended weekly oil changes. Contractors that followed this advice never had any issues.

I myself own 2 of these (one on an 60 gal tank electric and the other a 17 gal portable 5 hp WR. they are both more than 30 years old.

For more information you can go to http://www.jennycompressor.com/

Sep 08, 2014
Get your calculator handy
by: Mike P in Vegas

Wow, long-shot here but if the tags/badges I see in the pictures DO NOT offer any cfm data, do they at least (possibly) speak of a bore and stroke of the piston/cylinder?

If we know the bore/stroke — and we know the rpms of the 8-hp motor, we could calculate the approximate cfm.

This is why I'm admitting this is a long shot. That's A LOT of work, to calculate the cfm.

Another method is to get a vessel which is filled with a known amount of water - but sealed — except for an air line IN, and a means to capture any water displaced by the incoming air from the compressor.

Capturing the displaced water into a measuring vessel once the compressor is ON — while clocking the water displacement for exactly one minute — will give you an indication of volume displacement within a minute.

From this measurement you can extrapolate a cfm measurement.

Compression of the air BEHIND the water might throw-off/skew the results a bit, but at least you can gain some idea of cubic feet per minute (cfm) rate.

I know of no other means by which to assess its volume/capacity.

Sep 08, 2014
found some info
by: Bill K

Since posted i found the pump should put out around 8cfm and the Rolair and motor are 1979 but unsure of pump itself? They told me the Emglo pump was not original to the unit but it is compareable in cfm and size. Anyone know how to tell year of mfg. with model and ser. no.? Emglo mod. KU SN. A-092183133. The guy at Emglo didn't know cause of being older..

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