Emglo CFM Output at 90psi wanted

by Bill K

Emglo CFM Output at 90psi wanted, from known 8.6 cfm @ 125psi

I know from a Emglo/Jenny chart that cfm is as rated for my Emglo model KU pump as; @ 5.5 HP (Gas) = 8.6 CFM @ 125 PSI (Delivered) @ 1150rpm pump speed.

This is a single stage pump.

Now the question I need to know is, what would be the cfm (delivered) at 90psi (35psi lower) assuming same rpm's on the pump. I doubt the hp will matter but I'm running with a 8hp gas motor, so 2.5hp more could only help? (even a figure for 100psi would help, 25psi lower)

I might be too optimistic but seems like at 90psi cfm should be up in the 12cfm output range? Emglo had no figures on the cfm at 90psi and wouldn't estimate.

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Sep 09, 2014
not much gain i think?
by: bill k

was looking in the northern cat. and see a air comp. with 8.2cfm at 90psi and 7.9cfm at 130. only a .3cfm diff. ;-( guess i'm stuck with quality not quantity ;-). I can run continous at 100psi, thats a plus...

Sep 09, 2014
Convert air pressure to flow
by: Bill

Well Bill K., this is no easy conversion.

See the sitemap page on this site, look under CFM / SCFM / flow issues etc, and visit the page Convert Pressure to flow.

Good luck with that.


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